Friday, February 18, 2011

selamat pagi Princess!

Last night.. I slept at 3 am. waaaa ...
  so sleepy  maaaaaaa...
kwang.kwang .. kwang ..
eeyyyahhh! early in the morning....I wake up already !!
Good morning everbody..haahahah

1st thing i do in this day :-
send Eika Bean go to the city campus..

before tuuuuuuuuuu, take my breakfast a piece of roti canai!
1kg of oil into my body! hahahaha
[not affect my weight.]

..i miss my blog!!! ..
Lagenda Gadis Nakal
before starting work as a student...
[sayer nak bersosial jap..hehehehe]

so, im write this entry.
[bukan selalu nak tulis blog in Bi.hhaha]
[agak kucar kacir bi sayer?? so ada sayer kisah??]

Princess!!!!!!!!!!!! kata-kata semangat for urself..plzzz!

quite happy ...
still thanks 
dont disappointed .if what u want, cannot achieve..
dont be sad..happiness will be mine
and are given the opportunity to fix mistakes

I should be happy to make sure my days were fun.

 my mom always said : " semangat..semangat semangat...!" 
"anak maa mesti boleh.."
" i luv u two three four..."
[i love u too maa]

and now....
~I want to be a PRINCESS ~